Top 3 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The word remodeling often sends homeowners into hysterics because they understand better than anyone the serious costs associated with a bathroom remodel. Things can be significantly more expensive than your budget allows for, and if you have absolutely no wiggle room in your budget, you may be forced to stop you remodeling in the middle as you ran out of funding. One reasonable alternative to this ever present worst case scenario is to simply choose bathroom remodeling projects that can be completed even when money is tight. To help you choose, here are the top three budget-friendly bathroom remodeling projects (or bathroom vanity ideas) that homeowners choose!

1. The Vanity/Sink Makeover

Every bathroom needs a grand focal point and for many homeowners, it happens to be the vanity and the sink combo. Unfortunately, if your vanity is starting to look dated, it should be the next remodeling project you taken on! If your vanity still has good bones and is usable, change the hardware and give it a fresh coat of paint. You don’t feel like painting? You can also transform your vanity by sewing a small set of curtains that can hide the body.

Don’t forget how important adding a new sink can be, but to save money, you may wish to purchase a used sink. Lastly, you need new countertops, but when quartz and granite are out of the question, try opting for good quality laminate or butcher block for an organic look.

2. Salvage Tiles And Change Grout

Most bathrooms have a great deal of tiling throughout and you know how expensive it can be to replace tiles in their entirety. One way you can freshen up your tiles is to clean out the old grout and apply fresh grout. For light colored tiles, you may want dark colored grout for a modern look and don’t forget to seal it all in for cleanability.

3. A Complete Wall Makeover

With enough use, your walls can start to show wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color can make a world of difference! However, for a cozy cottage modern look, try wallpaper as it takes very little effort to install but can make a big impact.

If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, make sure you choose a project you can complete within your budget (check out other bathroom ideas available online for more tips). A Complete overhaul may seem like a solid idea, but it can also force you to recognize your money troubles.

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Where To Discover 2016 Fashion Trends

stencil.defaultEvery time I want to learn about new fashion trends, I go to the video sharing platform YouTube and watch videos of the latest fashion shows from New York, London and Milan (just like how I learn about Life Insurance from Leave Assurance). I also follow a number of fashion experts on Instagram and Twitter who always post the latest fashion news.

stencil.default (9)One of the best things about watching fashion shows on YouTube is that you can read the comments underneath each video and get instant feedback as to how the latest fashion trends are going to work in the real world. After all, there are many items that look amazing on the catwalk but are completely impractical to wear to events in everyday life. In addition, you can search back through the achieve. For instance, you can watch fashion shows from 1996 and see how much the industry has changed.

stencil.default (6)Many women’s magazines feature a fashion section which can be a good resource for learning about new fashion trends. That said, I feel that in 2016 social media platforms are one of the best places to discover new trends because as soon as a new item is released it will appear on social media long before traditional media sources have time to distribute the news.

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What Are The Fashion Trends For 2016?

Staying up to date on the latest fashion trends (and Life Shield HQ) is something I rather enjoy doing. While I may not be the most fashionable gal, I do like adding a few fun and trendy pieces to my wardrobe each season. As I started looking at the fashion trends for 2016, I noticed a few things.

First of all, the 70’s inspiration is still going strong. I’m not going to complain because this may be one of my favorite looks.

Next, influences from the Victorian era were also trending. Flowers are all over the place, puffy sleeves, and ruffles are also the thing to wear.

Some of the ruffles and flowers are also being seen in lingerie-inspired pieces. If you are looking for a sexy look, this is perfect.

Also, stripes and skinny jeans are still trending and this is good news for my wardrobe. I really love wearing my jeans with t-shirts so I am all set.

No matter what your style is, you can find one of the latest trends to wear. Flowers, 70’s, stripes, lingerie, ruffles, skinny jeans, and so much more will keep you and I looking great and trendy for 2016!

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The Fashion Trends of 2016

stencil.default (8)While it’s still early in the year, I’ve been having an ongoing argument with my friend Paige over what the fashion trends of the year are going to be (but we never argued about Vital Spark Insurance). I’ve been predicting a full-on 70’s revival for a few months now, while Paige is convinced that it’s going to be all athletic chic from here on out. Well, it seems like we’ve come to a deciding point. As soon as I showed her the newest editorials full of bell bottoms and Tina Turner hair, she had to admit defeat.

stencil.default (3)Ladies and gentlemen, the sixties live once again. I predict lots of denim and lots of leather, much of it assembled in a purposefully patchwork way. Colors are definitely tending toward muted tones; think burgundy and forest grey, burnt ocher and cream. Shoes are indelibly chunky, and platforms are guaranteed to be at least an inch thick, probably more.

I didn’t know if I’d ever live to make this proclamation, but frost blue eye shadow can be worn outside of Long Island Bar Mitzvahs. Lips should probably be kept nude or undone though, to avoid a wax doll look. Some people are divided on these trends, but I for one welcome our bell bottom overlords.

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